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    China Legal Science (《中國法學(英文版)》)征稿征訂公告

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      1.China Legal Science (《中國法學(英文版)》)雜志(以下簡稱“雜志”),是由中共中央政法委員會主管,中國法學會主辦,中國法學雜志社出版的英文法學學術期刊。雜志新編國內統一連續出版物號為CN10—1091/D,國際連續出版物刊號為ISSN 2095-4867。雜志的辦刊宗旨為:堅持馬克思主義法學基本觀點和正確的政治方向,反映中國特色社會主義法學理論和實踐成果,展示我國法治建設成就,開展國際學術交流,提升中國特色社會主義法學理論體系的國際影響力。雜志將于2013年3月出版發行創刊號, 雙月刊,16開,國內外公開發行。

      2. 為了體現辦刊理念,形成本刊風格與特色,雜志特設置“高端論壇”、“學術專論”、“法學評論”、“案例研究”、“書評”及“法學資訊”等欄目。歡迎作者針對欄目進行投稿。作者來稿需要符合以下投稿要求:

      (1) 來稿必須為英文或中文稿件,作者要在來稿正文前加列“內容提要”與“關鍵詞”。內容提要為文章主要觀點之提煉,字數一般控制在200字(英語單詞,下同)以內;關鍵詞一般為3至6個;

      (2) 學術專論來稿字數應為15000-20000字;法學評論來稿字數應為8000-10000字;案例研究及書評字數應為5000-8000字;

      (3) 來稿作者請登陸中國法學雜志社網站“中國法學期刊網”網上投稿系統(http://zgfx.chinajournal.net.cn/EditorA/index.aspx?t=1)進行網上投稿。書面形式投稿請寄至本刊總編室,地址為:中國法學會中國法學雜志社,西城區兵馬司胡同63號,100034,不要直接寄給責任編輯。作者姓名、學位、職稱(職務)、單位及詳細聯系方式等個人資料請另附一頁標明,不要書寫于正文中,以便本刊進行專家匿名審稿;

      (4) 本刊提倡一稿專投、反對一文多用,凡已在公開出版物、互聯網上發表的文章,一律不予以采用。凡于兩個月內未收到本刊的“稿件錄用通知”者,請自行處理。在收到本刊的采用通知前,如文章已在其他公開出版物或互聯網上發表的,請作者務必及時通知本刊;

      (5) 雜志注釋體例請參照美國《藍皮書:統一注釋體系》第19版(The Bluebook: A Uniform Citation System);

      3. 雜志每年出版6期。每期國內定價65元,海外定價15美元。本社負責雜志的國內發行,中國國際圖書貿易總公司負責雜志的國外發行。雜志國外代號:BM1335,開戶銀行:中國工商銀行北京新街口支行,賬號:0200002909088103334。



    Announcement on SolicitingContributions and Subscriptionsof

      China Legal Science(English Edition)

      1. China Law Science (English Edition) (hereinafter referred to as “the journal”).is a peer-reviewed journal that is supervised by the Central Politics and Law Commission of the CPC, sponsored by China Law Society, and published by the China Legal Science Journals Press. The journal aims to insist on the basic ideas and political direction of Marxist jurisprudence, reflect the socialist legal theories and practical achievements with Chinese characteristics, demonstrate legal achievements of China, carry out international academic exchange, and promote the international influence of China’s socialist legal theory system. This journal will be found and published in March 2013, its national unified publication number is CN10-1091/D, and international unified publication numberis ISSN 2095-4867. The journal will be published in English bimonthly and distributed internationally.

      2. The Journal will cover all areas of the legal science. Theoretical and empirical papers will be considered. The journal has an international editorial and advisory board, representing all areas of legal science in China. Features of the journal include (1) law review articles, (2) Critical notes and commentaries, (3) Case studies and book reviews, and (4) Legal Information. The China Legal Science requests that contributors comply with the following standards:

      (1) The journal accepts manuscript in both Chinese and English language. Every manuscript with the exception of short technical notes and letters to the editor must be accompanied by an abstract of 200 words and keywords (3 to 6), stating in short concise manner,the objectives of the study, the techniques used and what was accomplished.

      (2) Length Limitations: The Review strongly prefers articles under 20,000 words in length, comments under 10000 words, and case studies under 8000words. The Journal will not publish articles exceeding 25,000 words, except in extraordinary circumstances.

      (3) Electronic Submission: We strongly encourage contributors to submit their manuscripts through our electronic submission system (http://zgfx.chinajournal.net.cn/EditorA/index.aspx?t=1), preferably in Microsoft Word format. Articles may be submitted to the China Legal Science exclusively or through the standard submission protocol. Alternatively, you may still submit a hard copy if you wish; please address all manuscripts to: Articles Office, China Legal Science Journals Press, China Law Society, 63Bingmasi lane, Xicheng District, Beijing 100034. Please note that we will not accept articles submitted via email.

      (4) Anonymous Review: To facilitate our anonymous review process, please confine your name, affiliation, biographical information, and acknowledgments to a separate cover page. Please include the manuscript’s title on the first text page.

      (5) Citation Format: Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. Footnotes should conform to the 19th edition of The Bluebook.

      We invite you to submit your manuscript(s) for publication. Our objective is to inform authors of the decision on their manuscript(s) within eight weeks of submission. Following acceptance, a paper will normally be published in the next issue.

      3. The China Legal Science is published bimonthly a year. A single issue is RMB 65.00/USD 15.00. The China Legal Science Journals Press is responsible for the domestic release, and the China International Book Trading Corporation is responsible for the international release. The journal’s International Code is BM1335. The Journal’s bank of deposit is China Industrial and Commercial Bank Municipal Branch, Xinjiekou Sub-branch, and bank account is 0200002909088103334. We welcome your subscriptions.

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